Fantastic Bake Along: Mary Berry Gingersnaps

This is my first bake along since my friend Lucia from Crochet, Knit and moretold me about it. We share a lot of common interests and when she told me about this I knew I had to be part of it. And it’s funny because around the time she told me, I was already thinking on looking for some baking lessons or courses to improve my baking skills. I’ll tell you more about it on other posts in the future.

The fantastic bake along is hosted monthly by Tracy from Its a sweet day. Since I follow her almost 2 or 3 months ago, the recipes look yummy but I haven’t had the time to make them. And this week I was a bit busy that only today I could give them a shot.

The recipe for this month was given by Rebecca@Twinklehook. She had chosen to make the Ginger Snaps by Mary Berry who is a judge on “The Great British bake off”. Now, I know the show but I only watch it when I’m in London which is like once a year maybe (because I tag along with my husband’s business trips). Anyways, my friend Lucia also told me “It’s Mary Berry! ” like I’m suppose to know her, but she is surrounded by British so to her its a well known name, so it was funny because for me it was like hearing any other name, so I googled her and then I remembered seeing her on the show the 3 times I’ve watched it.

But without more storytelling here is the recipe I followed.

Mary Berry’s Ginger Snaps

  • 60g butter plus extra for greasing
  • 90g golden syrup
  • 125g self raising flour
  • 2tsp ground ginger
  • 1tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp bicarb soda
  • 1tbsp caster sugar
  1. Grease baking trays
  2. Combine butter, golden syrup in a small sauce pan and heat until melted. Leave to cool slightly.
  3. Sift flour, spices and bicarb into bowl. Stir in sugar, add the cooled syrup mix and stir to make a soft but not sticky dough.
  4. Roll dough into balls of the size of walnuts and Place well apart on baking tray, flatten the balls slightly.
  5. Bake in preheated oven 190 degrees for about 15 minutes.

I was happy as none of the ingredients were complicated and I already had most of them at home except for the golden syrup which is one I have never heard before. So I went shopping and looked for it but only found other kinds of syrups so I took the one that looked golden (silly me but I’m very practical so when I don’t find something I substitute it for what I think will work in a similar way) I used Agave syrup which it’s also supposed to be healthy so there, these are healthy cookies so no guilt while eating them.

The steps to make the cookies were easy to follow and I only got confused on the temperature of the oven since it said degrees and being used to American terminology I assumed it was Fahrenheit but Lucia again got me out of my doubts and told me Britain also uses Celsius. You see, always learning… Love it!

Now with the right temperature the 2nd batch of cookies turned out amazing: crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. They taste like Christmas which is perfect, cause you know, I love everything Christmas. The house smelled lovely while they were in the oven. It gave a nice atmosphere inside for a cold winter day.

I’m gonna make them again for sure and will be added to my recipe book where I’m saving and collecting all the yummy recipes I’m learning during my wife and mom years to pass on to my children some day.

For now, I’ll grab another cookie, drink a sip of my tea and crochet while binge watching Friends on Netflix.


Winnie the Pooh CAL

As you know, I love everything Disney and I have great Disney crafts coming your way on special Disney dates.


Today is Winnie the Pooh day and to celebrate it I am hosting a Crochet Along (CAL). I will post 3 different blocks to make a blanket with the cute bear and some other images inspired in this character. The blanket will be made of 9 squares in total made in C2C technique. Each block measures about 40 x 40 cms. You could make more blocks if you want or even less.

The blanket will make a perfect gift for a new baby to come, depending on the size it could be a box blanket, or a crib blanket.

Well, the idea for this crochet along is that I´m gonna post every 2 or 3 days a block so you can have time to do at least 3 blocks of each design. Once we have all 9 blocks we will join them all. I will provide a layout but you can change it of course to your liking. Then we will add a border, so hopefully in around 2 weeks we can have a beautiful Winnie the Pooh inspired baby blanket.

The materials you will need for the first one are:

1 skeins of white

1 skein of golden yellow for Pooh

1 skein of black

1 skein of brown

4.5 mm crochet hook

scissors and needle

The first square is here for you.


Remember to do 3 of this.

See you in a few days to share with you the next block.



Mono de Nieve comestible 

Esta semana comenzamos con las clases de español en casa con mi hijo de 4 años. La bebé también escucha y estará participando más adelante pero en lo que nos vamos organizando y sacando adelante los temas, ella está de oyente 😂😍

Cada semana iremos viendo un tema diferente y lo veremos de forma integral abarcando los campos formativos que promueve la SEP para el nivel preescolar. 

Está semana nuestro tema fue de Invierno. Tenemos un vocabulario que aprender y nos estamos enfocando en una letra, un número, y una figura y de ahí partimos para tocar temas matemáticos, artísticos, de exploración del mundo, etc. 

Hoy nos tocó hacer una receta super simple y que causó mucha emoción en mi pequeño. Nuestro mono de Nieve comestible lleva fruta y un pedacito miniatura de verdura pero supongo que ustedes pueden ajustarlo a lo que tengan a la mano. Por ejemplo si viven en México pueden hacerlo de jicama en vez de galletas de arroz o usar otras frutas que tengan a la mano. 

Esto es lo que ocupamos:

2 galletas de arroz inflado.

1 banana cortada en rodajas delgadas

3 fresas cortadas a lo largo, delgaditas

3 chispas de chocolate confitado

5 o las necesarias chispas de chocolate para derretir, nosotros usamos chocolate negro. 

Coco rallado

Una rodaja de manzana del lado de la piel y cortandole una tira de un lado para crearle una base

Pasitas amarillas 

El procedimiento es super sencillo y pueden hacerlo según su creatividad. 

Ponen las 2 galletas de arroz formando el mono de nieve, luego le agregan los plátanos y sobre ellos una lluvia de coco rallado. 

La bufanda se hace con las fresas y los botones con el chocolate confitado. Los ojos y boca con las chispas de chocolate y el gorro con la manzana y las pasas.

Y no se les olvide la nariz con la zanahoria. Mi hijo fue muy específico en pedir que usaríamos zanahoria para ella. 😁 Como pueden ver su sonrisa llena de extras de chocolate muestra que estaba feliz con su snack hecho por el mismo. 

Pueden también hacerle las manos con palitos de pan o pretzel. 

Ahora si que lo disfruten sus peques. 

Platiquenme en los comentarios si lo hicieron y que les pareció a sus niños. 

Chocolate Raspberry Cake 

Do you want to make a delicious cake for a special occasion? I got your back friend.

Today is my husband’s birthday and he loves being spoiled on his special day. He usually asks for a cake with Nutella and strawberries, which I was ready to prepare but for some reason he told me to do any cake I’d like as long as it was a chocolate cake. 

So yesterday my kids and I went shopping for the ingredientes when my son, who was very excited to prepare the birthday surprises for his daddy decided he wanted raspberries on the cake and there I figured I would do a new cake and just see how it turned out. 

Now, it is delicious. It turned out really sweet but the raspberries give a nice touch to balance the flavors. You kind of need a big glass of milk to eat it and those are my favorite kind of chocolate cakes, cause you know I’m more of a cheesecake kind of girl… But here is the recipe. Is super easy.


Your favorite chocolate cake recipe. This time I didn’t make it from scratch, but I used devil’s food cake from Betty Crocker

2 sticks of Butter

3 cups of powdered sugar 

2/3 cup of cocoa powder 

1 spoon of coffee 

1 spoon of vanilla 


Fresh raspberries 

Raspberry jam 



  • Make your batter and separate in 3-8 inch pans. Bake until a toothpick comes clean. Approximately 20 mins each. Set to cool. 
  • Make the icing, put the sticks of butter on the mixer and add the vanilla, then add the cocoa powder slowly and some milk (be careful to add it slowly to achieve a smooth consistency but not to liquid otherwise you won’t be able to spread it properly) 
  • Add the coffee to the mix and then the sugar cup by cup also adding milk by the spoon until the consistency is proper for a buttercream icing. It took me maybe 3 tablespoons of milk but sometimes can take more or less. 
  • Set the first layer of cake on a plate and then on top of it, add some icing with the piping bags around it but leaving the center free to add some Nutella and fresh raspberries. Put the next layer on top and repeat but put some raspberry jam on it, then add the next layer. 
  • Cover the cake with the chocolate buttercream icing. Do some decorations using the star pipe and add some fresh raspberries to the top to decorate. 

Now enjoy! 

My husband liked the cake and that’s all that matters. Happy birthday love, we are blessed to have you with us. 

 Te amamos ❤️

Just sayin’ hello… 

Hi there… I’m on Holidays in my home city right now so that’s why I haven’t blogged anything in the past days/weeks. Coming home I will have several topics to address and I a lot of projects to show you guys. 

Here is my update of what we have been doing with some photos. Events are not exactly in any order of time or importance, just what comes to my mind. 

  • We traveled almost 24 hours to get here and took two planes with a child and a baby and none of them slept much but thankfully are such good travelers and were happy all trip. 

  • Had some special time with my whole family the first weekend for my mom’s birthday

  • Took a very special photo with most of my mom’s side cousins and grandfather 

  • Have been ‘resting’ the first week
  • We have eaten lots of tacos and other very much missed Mexican food, some of which hasn’t tasted as we remembered

  • Seen some very good friends and enjoyed the time together

  • Went shopping for craft supplies
  • Had my dad’s side family Christmas party and had such a great time.

  • Had the best tacos in town at Gallito’s restaurant
  • Went shopping again
  • Used Uber for the first time ever and love the concept and service so far 
  • Had more tacos 
  • Had very little time to crochet 
  • Baby misses her space a lot
  • I miss my bed 
  • Had a breast ultrasound check up. 

  • Baked some cupcakes from a new recipe from a cooking group I’m in. 

  • Watches half a Christmas movie 
  • Decorated a Christmas tree with a lot of creativity and little supplies and turned out amazing. 
  • Digged into my old stuff and took some toys for the kids and some books to take home.
  • Did some more shopping 
  • Did L’s presentation at church. 

  • Walked through proper malls 
  • Taken lots of Christmas tree pictures 
  • Had more tacos. 

These next two weeks we are having now lots of things to do before we head home so I’ll keep you posted mainly on my Instagram so follow me to see all the beautiful Christmas trees I’m seeing. 

Mexican Recipe: Picadillo

Last week was chaos, well  I’m exaggerating a bit but it sure was difficult. Both kids were sick and not feeling well so we had to have house arrest for the whole week. Thankfully they were all good by Saturday cause the oldest one was looking forward to celebrating Sinterklaas at daddy’s company party. I’ll talk more about this Dutch tradition in the next days.

We are also getting ready for a trip so I have been busy shopping and putting things apart that we will take with us and haven’t had much time to do anything creative for the blog. 

That doesn’t mean I don’t have something for you guys. One of the topics I would like to pursue is Mexican cooking adapted with ingredients I can find easily here in the Netherlands. The recipe I have for you today can be used in so many different dishes. It is very easy and it is a common dish in Mexican homes. Depending on where in Mexico you come from there could be some variations. I am from the north and this is basically how we cook it in Monterrey. 

The recipe is for Picadillo. I came to make this recipe my own by combining a recipe a friend gave me and using some tips on procedure my mom uses. My husband says it’s the best picadillo ever and I believe him. 

So here it goes. 



1/2 kilo minced beef. I use the runder gehakt as sold in the supermarkets here.

3 Roma tomatoes

1/2 onion finely chopped

1 or 2 garlic cloves finely chopped.

1/2 or 1 depending on taste blocks of chicken bouillon

2 jalapeño peppers

2 small potatoes finely chopped in squares. 


Salt and pepper to taste

How to make it.

First put some oil on a pan and sauté the onions and garlic until the onions are a bit clear and add the meat. Cook until light brown and add the full tomatoes and jalapeños and let them sit while the beef continues cooking. 

Once the beef is completely cooked, add the potatoes and then add the necessary water until it covers the meat and potatoes but not more than this. 

Add the chicken bouillon and let it sit until you see the tomatoes are losing their skin and once they do, smash them right there and take away any skin you have left over or the center which is usually harder. Mix a bit so the tomatoes juice goes everywhere and let it sit until the water evaporates fully without leaving the meat dry. 

Once it’s done, season to taste  and then it’s ready for you to enjoy. 

We usually have this with pasta soup which here is called vermicelli, add a bit of lemon and yummy!!! You can see the photo above for reference. 

Other ways to enjoy are in tacos, with a bit of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions,  avocado and salsa  to complement. And I love eating the jalapeño in a quesadilla all on its own and adding even more salsa. Yes I’m crazy. 

You can also serve it with red rice, beans and tortillas. It’s a good filling for Chiles rellenos or empanadas, flautas and more. 

So there, for Mexican food lovers this is a basic. 

Let me know if you make it or if you do other variations. I would love to read your comments. 

Circus Elephant crochet blanket

I have been dreaming and working on designing my own graphs and other crochet things like toys or hats for a while now but for some reason or the other I am doing it very slowly and not as efficiently as I would like to. I don’t really mind as I am enjoying the season of my life I’m at right now, but anyways…

I started this blanket back in April or May but I had a newborn baby and limited time and then I was planning the Paw Patrol party and focused all my crochet energy into making the puppies that this blanket was left in a bag lost in my craft room.

Also in April/May I worked on another blanket for a friend’s baby. It took me less time to finish since my mom was here and helped me with the kids plus her baby was due late May and wanted to give it to her before he was born, which I did and she loved it.

The design is based on the Puppy Zoodiac from 1doogwoof. I was looking for a cute puppy graph on Pinterest and found hers the closest to her what I was looking for. I changed the colors to my liking and since I wanted it to be a blanket had to redesign the layout to make it bigger and fit something else on it. I wanted to share with you all the finished graph but wasn’t allowed by the designer which is totally respected. I was probably dreaming too high, and thought she would love to see her design used as an individual graph for a blanket and wouldn’t mind sharing it. So I’m sorry I can’t provide you with the full graph. I will however, share the layout I created with the paws on site. The puppy graph you can find clicking on the link above and just add it to the lower left side of the layout so it turns out like this.

I am thinking now that I will add to my project list to make a puppy of my own design and do this blanket again. I sell or give the blankets I do as I can’t keep them all at my craft room. 

Here is the graph without the puppy. 

For the border I used the border 65, from the book Every Which way Borders from Edie Eckman which was a bday gift from my husband and kid this year. It consists basically in V stitches and standing V stitches.

Now as for my own pattern this is the graph for the blanket. I’m posting it for sale for a very cheap price that doesn’t even represents all the work put into it but I want it to be accesible for everyone. I will be designing more graphs and some will be free some others will be for sale for 1€ which is less than a dollar, so there, see it as a donation so I can keep up with it.

Here is the link to it: Circus Elephant Graph

This is the final result with the same edge in colors blue and red.

Both blankets were worked with C2C stitch with a 5mm hook. 

Mickey Mouse Crochet Cuddly 

Isn’t it cute? I mean both of them. 

¿Apoco no esta lindo? Digo, el niño y el cojín. 

I must correct the ears next time I do it but I don’t know you guys, but I kind of like some imperfections on crochet or in general on handmade stuff cause it makes it gives the handmade characteristics more real or more unique.

Todavía tengo que corregir las orejas la próxima vez que lo haga pero por lo pronto así me gusta. No se ustedes, pero a mi me gusta que las cosas hechas a mano tengan una que otra imperfección porque como que le da un valor más nostálgico más casero y no se, hace que el producto realmente sea único

Anyways, as part of the celebrations for Mickey’s birthday I made a pillow for my child who is a real Mickey fan, just as momma. 

Como parte de las celebraciones del cumpleaños de Mickey al final de esta semana, hice esta almohadilla para mi pequeño que es un fan del simpático ratón al igual que yo. 

Here you can find the instructions on how to make it yourself.

A continuación las instrucciones para que lo hagan ustedes mismos.



I used 2 balls of 100 grs each in color black, and 1 ball of red also 100 grs.

Utilicé 2 bolas de 100 gramos de estambre en color negro y 1 en color rojo. 

Scrap yarn ik white or yellow / Pedaceria de estambre en amarillo o blanco

Tapestry needle / Aguja para coser lana

Scissors / Tijeras

Amigurumi filling / relleno para almohada 

Crochet hook 4MM / gancho de 4 mm 




1. you will be working in rounds changing colors half through every round. Make sure to follow the change of color following the first change you will work, that way you circle will naturally divided in two.

Se trabaja en círculo, en rondas, a mitad de cada ronda hay que cambiar de color. Cambien el color siguiendo el margen que da la ronda 1 de esta forma el cambio es natural. 

2. To avoid visible change of colors be sure to end the last stitch of each color with the yarn of the other color you are about to use. That way you finish the stitch in same color and begin the next with the new color. There are many tutorials out there to do so. 

Para evitar que el cambio sea visible, deben cambiar el color de estambre antes de terminar el último punto de cada tono, de esta forma se cierra con el color que estaban usando y en su gancho tienen el que van a utilizar. 

3. The first 2 chains on every round DO NOT count as one. 

Las primeras dos cadenetas en cada fila no cuentan como primer punto. 

4. You will be carrying the yarn from side to side when changing color so leave it loose on order to leave the circle flat. 

Van a ir cargando el estambre de un lado a otro para cambiar de color, déjenlo suelto para que el círculo les quede plano. 

Stitches and abbreviations: Double Crochet (DC), Single Crochet (SC), Slip Stitch (sl st), Chain (ch), Round (R), magic ring, Half double crochet (hdc) 

Puntos y abreviaturas: Punto Alto (PA), punto bajo (pb), punto enano (pe), cadeneta (c), punto medio alto (pma), ronda (R), anillo mágico 


R1. Start magic ring with black, chain 2, DC 5, change color to red before finishing the fifth DC and continue with other 5 in red and sl st to the first 2 chains with the color before the last one to start next round in black. (Read notes as this is the same you will do every round) (10)

Comienza el anillo mágico con 2 cadenetas en color negro y haz 5 puntos altos. Cambia a rojo como se menciona en las notas ya que esto se repetirá en cada vuelta. Haz 5 puntos altos más en color rojo y cierra cambiando a negro. 

R2. Chain 2, with black 2 DC all around, changing color halfway through following the color change from past round. (20)

2 cadenetas,  comenzando con negro haz 2 pa en cada punto y cambiando de color a rojo a mitad de camino según se indique por la vuelta anterior. 

R3. Chain 2, 2 DC in first stitch, 1 in next stitch and repeat all around 9 more times. (30)

2 cadenetas, 2 PA en el primer punto, 1 en el siguiente y repetir 9 veces más. 

R4. Chain 2, 2 DC in first stitch, 1 in next two stitches and repeat all around 9 more times. (40)

2 cadenetas, 2 PA en el primer punto, 1 en los dos siguientes puntos  y repetir 9 veces más. 

R5. Chain 2, 2 DC in first stitch, 1 in next three stitches and repeat all around 9 more times. (50)

2 cadenetas, 2 PA en el primer punto, 1 en los tres siguientes puntos  y repetir 9 veces más. 

R6. Chain 2, 2 DC in first stitch, 1 in next four stitches and repeat all around 9 more times. (60

2 cadenetas, 2 PA en el primer punto, 1 en los cuatro siguientes puntos  y repetir 9 veces más. 

R7. Chain 2, 2 DC in first stitch, 1 in next four stitches and repeat all around 11 more times. (72

2 cadenetas, 2 PA en el primer punto, 1 en los cuatro siguientes puntos  y repetir 11 veces más. 

R8. Chain 2, 2 DC in first stitch, 1 in next five stitches and repeat all around 9 more times. (84

2 cadenetas, 2 PA en el primer punto, 1 en los cinco siguientes puntos  y repetir 11 veces más. 

R9. Chain 2, 2 DC in first stitch, 1 in next six stitches and repeat all around 11 more times. (96

2 cadenetas, 2 PA en el primer punto, 1 en los seis siguientes puntos  y repetir 11 veces más. 

R10. Chain 2, 2 DC in first stitch, 1 in next seven stitches and repeat all around 11 more times. (108

2 cadenetas, 2 PA en el primer punto, 1 en los siete siguientes puntos  y repetir 11 veces más. 

Cut yarn after the last sl st leaving a long enough thread to close it. 

Corta el estambre dejando una tira larga para después cerrar. 

Repeat all over again so you have 2 circles.

Repite nuevamente para tener 2 círculos iguales. 

When finishing the 2nd circle don’t cut the yarn but put them together with the wrong side facing each other and start closing making a SC all around and changing color when necessary. Fill the pillow as tight as you like before closing it.

Cuando terminen el 2ndo círculo, no corten el estambre sino que junten los círculos con la parte trasera pegadas una a la otra y comiencen a cerrar usando el punto bajo alrededor con su correspondiente cambio de color. Rellenen la almohada tan apretado como quieran y cierren. 


Repeat R1 to R5 in color black and make 4 circles to make two sets of ears.

Repite la R1 a la R5 en color negro y haz 4 en total para hacer 2 sets de orejas. 

Join them together with SC all around and fill before closing. 

Unelos con punto bajo todo alrededor y rellena antes de cerrar. 

Attach them to the main circle on the upper side to form the famous Mickey Silhouette.

Cóselos a los lados de Mickey en la parte negra para formar la conocida silueta. 

To finish it off, make two white or yellow circles to make the buttons. 

Para terminar haz también dos círculos pequeños en color amarillo o blanco para simular los botones del traje. 

R1. Hdc 8 in magic ring.

8 Pma en el anillo mágico. 

R2. 2hdc all around (16)

2pma alrededor 

Sew to body at the center on the red side. 

Cose al centro del traje rojo. 

That’s it! Enjoy your brand new Mickey Mouse Pillow. 

Y listo! Disfruta tu almohadilla nueva. 

Mickey Mouse Piñata

Post in English and Spanish below. 

This week I’ll be sharing ideas and crafts to celebrate the most loved mouse of all. You are right, Mickey Mouse is jarig, as the Dutch would say. His birthday is on November 18th, so in preparation for it, and as the Disney Mom I am, we will look into crafts to do with your kids or for your kids with this beautiful, charming and loving character.

For starters we have a piñata. 

This piñata is mini. It can actually be a favor gift for your guests, that is if you don’t have hundreds of  them. It takes maybe 2 hours to complete one from beginning to end and the materials are easy to find.

You will need:

A box made of cardboard which can easily be folded.

Crepe paper in red and black

Yellow paper

Glue gun and the glue sticks for it


Curly ribbon 

Candy of course 

A bit of newspaper

Now, I’ve made some pictures for you to see the progress and I will explain each set of photos. 

First you need your little helper to help you take out all the materials. Draw two circles and cut. 

Measure 5 cms and make a strip, it’s better if your cardboard is flexible and has this natural corrugated lines to bend easily. Roll and then paste the two circles to each side as shown in photos. You will end up with a gap which is good cause that will be the place to fill up the piñata. So on the top, you will make two holes to attach the string and hang somewhere. 

Now make the ears with single pieces of cardboard and attach with the hot glue and a piece of newspaper. 

Then make a strip to seal the bottom and add some candy. Paste it with the hot glue but before this make sure to make some holes and add the curly ribbon crossing it on the part that goes inside so when the kids pull the strings it breaks open. 

Now cover the sides with a strip of crepe paper. You will need two pieces to cover it from each side. Then start decorating starting from the bottom to the top. You will need about 6 or 7 pieces of red and then the black to complete. Put them close to each other so it covers the glue line. Then cut around to make the shape. Do the same with the ears on black. 

Now you have it. Enjoy with your kids. Tomorrow on the blog I will show you how to make a normal piñata. 


Ahora en español, pero pueden ver las fotos arriba. 

Esta semana es el cumpleaños de un personaje que me encanta: Mickey Mouse. En esta casa nos encanta todo lo que es Disney, especialmente Mickey y Minnie. El sábado siguiente es el cumpleaños de Mickey y en las redes sociales muchas bloggers ya empiezan con los festejos. Obviamente aquí no nos podemos quedar atrás y durante la semana estaré escribiendo y compartiendo ideas y manualidades para celebrarlo con sus niños o para sus niños si es que les gusta el personaje también y es un buen tema de cumpleaños.

Empezamos con la piñata que no puede faltar en cada fiesta y aunque el tamaño de esta es mini los pasos se pueden repetir en grande. Pueden ver las fotos que están muy descriptivas del paso a paso para esta piñatita. Es una actividad linda para hacer una tarde lluviosa con los peques y se lleva más o menos 2 horas de principio a fin.

Los materiales a ocupar son fáciles de encontrar en casa o en una papelería cercana:

Caja de cartón corrugado

Papel crepe en negro y rojo




Hoja amarilla

Listón curly

1 al 3. Para comenzar necesitan hacer un molde de círculo y trazarlo dos veces y recortar. 

4 al 9. Después miden una tira de 5 cms de ancho y recortan. Se doble para que pueda darle vuelta a los círculos y pegar uno a a cada lado. Va a quedarles una abertura pero esta bien, ese es el lugar por donde saldrán los dulces al estirar los listones. Del lado contrario hagan dos orificios e inserten el mecate para colgar la piñata.

9 al 11. Una vez formado el círculo principal, dibujen dos círculos sencillos más pequeños para hacer las orejas simples y peguen con silicon. 

12 al 15. Primero se agrega un pedazo de papel con unos listones curly en el centro, cruzados por dentro para hacer fuerza al jalar y que se abra y salgan los regalitos. 

16 al 19. Se pega y después pueden empezar a decorar empezando por las orillas con tiras de crêpe negro. Después comienzan a decorar de abajo hacia arriba con papel rojo y luego negro. Cuando terminen agregan dos círculos amarillos que formarán del papel. Esta decoración se repite por ambos lados. Y se va cortando las tiras al pegarlas una encima de otra y al final se corta alrededor para darle forma.  Hagan lo mismo con las orejas.

Y listo ahora si pueden disfrutar de su piñata. Esta puede ser una idea genial para las bolsitas de dulces de una fiesta… Eso sí no tienen cientos de invitados, claro está.

Diviértanse y los espero mañana para hacer una piñata en grande. 

Hasta pronto. 

Planning a Paw Patrol Party

Last Saturday we had my son’s 4th birthday party and it was great. He was happy and all excited like he couldn’t stop talking about the party and he had a countdown the week before. On the day of his actual party he was super helpful and wanted to bring stuff to the car and decorate the venue. He was just a sweet thing. Once the guests came in he just disappeared with the first kids into the park and I actually only got to see him when we had the cake and the piñata. Anyways, it was a good day. I want to share the details and how I did the organizing cause you know, before the party I got some comments from people telling me I wouldn’t have time to do it with a baby and bla bla but they don’t know me. If you tell me I can’t do anything I will show you I can. But this is not the reason I did everything of course, this year my son was more aware of birthdays and parties so he actually wanted the big party and he was super integrated into the planning of every detail. He chose his cake, piñata and the favors too. So it is indeed hard to do all I did with two kids but that’s why I started since June to do stuff and I had my mother in law helping me shopping in Monterrey for decorations and candy and my mom also helped sending more candy and paper for the piñata. A friend, who is also a corchetes and super creative and talented business woman, helped me the last week doing some favors and I had some very good friends helping me set up and clean up afterwards. I always say I’m really blessed with such relationships.

Now, the party. My son decided by the end of May he wanted his party paw patrol so there I go to pinterest and start looking for ideas cause seriously guys my brain is burned out from having two kids that nothing really came to my mind. As always pinterest is such a good help and I got many ideas from there. 

I started the piñata in early July and it was actually a project my boy and I did together. If you follow me on Instagram you saw us working. The structure was done since maybe the last week of July but I was missing a color for its decoration which I couldn’t find here so my mom sent it from Mexico. I followed a tutorial that I found in YouTube and I didn’t followed it exactly but it gave me an idea on how to shape it and start decorating.  I decorated it two weeks before the party and it only took 3 hours, my son filled it so that was no work for me. 

Then the favors…  while looking for ideas, guess who was next to me looking at all the nice things themed paw patrol on pinterest and he saw these adorable crocheted puppies so he asked for them. I agreed for several reasons, first, the piñata always has so much candy that I thought a goodie bag with more of it was unnecessary plus the stuff we fill the bags with normally ends up in the bin after a while, and finally cause I had so much yarn scraps that I thought this was a good project to use my stash (and buy more later on). They ended up being a huge success and everyone loved the adoption idea. 

Kids were so happy to take a toy home and I have heard some super cute stories about the kids sleeping with them. I even made some fake puppy chow bags filled with cereal to make it more real. My husband helped printing everything that was needed. 

I started working on the puppies since June and some weeks I managed to make 3 or 4 maybe even 5 and some other weeks none. But at the end I did 38!

The cake was the other thing this bday boy chose and it was challenge for me as it was my first two tier cake I ever made. My friend Amanda gave me some tips to do it cause she is also an amazing cake artist and they were really helpful. They once done I was afraid transporting it to the park but it was OK. It also was delicious. It was carrot  ame on the top and vanilla and chocolate filling with strawberries on the bottom. Also we had chocolate cupcakes for the kids. These I made a night before the party, same as the food. 

Everything else was just maybe as usual: finger food, veggies, fruit, snacks.


The next party I have to plan is my baby girl but planning and working on it will start by January. Follow me on Instagram if you want to see the sneak peeks.

So if you take your time and plan ahead then anything is possible. Trust me.