Daniela Crocheted Doll

This post will be in English because, well, the pattern is in that language and it is easier.

I have been working on this pattern since almost two or three months ago. It was initially made for a birthday girl as custom order a friend made me. I didn’t write the pattern at first,I was just making it as I go, but then I am on this wonderful crochet community online, and I asked if it was worth writing the pattern and hundreds of women said yes so I started again but this time, writing it up.

Then we went for holiday to Paris (post to come soon) and then had some family members over, cleaning everything afterwards, some other house chores to make around here and so time went by.

A week ago, I sent the pattern to very talented testers (Sandra, Vanora, Julia) and received the comments and hopefully corrected any errors in the pattern.

Without saying more here it is.

DANIELA: http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/crocheting/toy/daniela-crochet-doll/214391


She is a happy little girl who loves jumping around, dancing, chasing butterflies and enjoying the nature.


Makes a perfect toy for girls any age.

Enjoy and please if you happen to buy the pattern and still find any mistake, please be kind and let me know by mail so I can correct it and update it. If you do so, I will send you back the corrected version so you don’t have to buy it again and have the newest version available.


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