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Hello! I had big plans on coming back to blogging with my own domain name and all, but for some reason (99% pregnancy brain and the inability to focus on what i’m doing for more than 1 minute due to somebody needing my attention) I decided to just come back to blogging where I left. While I do, and prepare new posts that will be sometimes in English, some other times in Spanish and more so bilingual, I will learn how to manage and customize my own domain and maybe in the near future will launch my site. Apparently I have one year to do it since I already registered for it…

So to put you all up to speed, here are some new things about me.

I’m a mom to a baby girl since April this year and she is adorable!

I’m getting ready for my handsome prince’s 4th bday and as usual I decided to do something not complicated at all for my skills but with less time that I used to have so that complicates things… but hey! Im always up for a challenge.

I got a new bike, so this city mama will dutch up in the following months and years to come with my new .’bakfiets’

I have tons of ideas to crochet and make new patterns, both for free and for sale.

I have lots of posts about infertility, pregnancy the 2nd time, breastfeeding the second time with a “used boob” and much more about life with 2 kids and being a stay at home mom that doesn’t simply stay home.

So, basically I’m loaded with lots of new stories and all the energy to make this blog come to life once again and hopefully to make it a full time job (as if I didn’t have one already, right?)

If you would like to keep up with me, start following me on my different social media that you can find here.

For the moment is all, I need to feed a baby.


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