Windsor Holiday

The title of this post sounds a bit like a Christmas movie, doesn’t it? And it’s funny but they do have a lot of Christmas-y things already at Windsor in England already. But that’s not what I will talk about now. I just want to share my experience on our first short holiday as a family of four. It was a new adventure for sure.

Let’s start with the flight. My oldest, M, is almost 4 years old and he had traveled before but last time he got on a plane was exactly a year ago so of course everything seemed new and it was like the first time ever for him. He was a bit difficult waiting to take off cause you guys, my joy simply can’t stay still… Not physically or with his words… I get extremely dizzy while everyone gets on the plane because the air conditioning is off and it gets super hot inside, which makes me warm and initiates my dizziness, so I can’t be moving a lot or turning around as then I will literally throw up. So my husband was taking care of the boy and I was nursing the baby to sleep and focusing on not throwing up and breathing to relax. But going out from Schiphol to London the taxi takes about 10 minutes so you can imagine… The boy that couldn’t be still, wanting to put the tray down, moving his feet and kicking the seat in front asking why couldn’t he do this or that,  etc. It felt like an hour but finally we did take off and I gave him one of the 5 activities I had planned for the plane and that was it. He was amazing the rest of the flight.

I bought this at a local store called Action for 1€

Then that day we just went to the hotel which was really nice as they left some activity bags for the kids, which I thought  was really cool. I have been in many hotels and they never do this. The hotel is called Copthorne Hotel Slough. And after that we tried to use public transport to get downtown and have dinner but it’s not that easy from this place so we ended up walking a long distance and then took a cab back. We had dinner at our favorite place: Nando’s, which sells Peri Peri Chicken. 

The next day my husband was in a conference for his work (that’s why we actually came to Windsor, I just jumped in with him on his business trip), and the kids and I went to do some sightseeing. I love castles and royalty related things so I of course had plans to go to Windsor Castle. 

It was unbelievable! It’s I think the biggest castle I’ve seen (and I have seen quite a lot) from the town it doesn’t look that impressive but when you see it from the distance it’s so beautiful and fairy taley (if that is even a word)

The cost to enter is about 20 pounds per adult, you can find the admission fee and time tables on the website as well as more information for visitors.

For me, it was just out of this world to be on a place with hundreds of years of history. The chapel for instance its maybe even older than my home country. Queen Victoria got his eldest kid married in there and also there were some royal baptisms and such. We did a tour on the second day around the estate and we even saw a cottage Queen Victoria build for her and Prince Albert to spend some alone time away from their busy and crowded royal life.

The kid enjoyed the “duck tour”,  specially when we got on it and into the water. He almost fell because he wanted to be first to come down but thankfully someone catched him. If you only knew all the things I go through with this boy. Anyways… That day we had dinner once again at Nando’s because we can’t get enough of the peri peri chicken.

Finally on Friday we went to Legoland which is just outside Windsor and you can even see the castle from the top of Legoland. We had a fun day, thank God it was sunny even though it was a bit cold but we did enjoy anyways. I got to enjoy two or three rides cause someone had to stay with the baby, but when she was awake or not eating I could get on a ride with the boy. We had so much fun, specially on the Ninjago Game. It was a 3D game and I was screaming and yelling fighting against the bad guys and I enjoyed it as a kid that I even won 4th best player from the day. It hurt the gamer pride of my husband but I was amazed by this cause I never win at anything. Last time we were at Disneyland Paris at the Buzz Lightyear game he was always teasing me that I didn’t make enough points… Well… Guess who made all the points now, ah?

We were so tired at the end of the day, we couldn’t do anything else, so we went to the hotel, a new one next to Terminal 4 at Heathrow. It is called Premier Inn and it was alright. All the staff members were so kind and breakfast was yummy.

Saturday was just to relax and start the day early but slowly as we had our flight around 3PM, so we went to the airport, I did some shopping and then back home for a nice bath and sleep in my own bed.
This trip was a good practice for our upcoming trip to México. I’ll tell you about it in January if I survive it. 

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