Planning a Paw Patrol Party

Last Saturday we had my son’s 4th birthday party and it was great. He was happy and all excited like he couldn’t stop talking about the party and he had a countdown the week before. On the day of his actual party he was super helpful and wanted to bring stuff to the car and decorate the venue. He was just a sweet thing. Once the guests came in he just disappeared with the first kids into the park and I actually only got to see him when we had the cake and the piñata. Anyways, it was a good day. I want to share the details and how I did the organizing cause you know, before the party I got some comments from people telling me I wouldn’t have time to do it with a baby and bla bla but they don’t know me. If you tell me I can’t do anything I will show you I can. But this is not the reason I did everything of course, this year my son was more aware of birthdays and parties so he actually wanted the big party and he was super integrated into the planning of every detail. He chose his cake, piñata and the favors too. So it is indeed hard to do all I did with two kids but that’s why I started since June to do stuff and I had my mother in law helping me shopping in Monterrey for decorations and candy and my mom also helped sending more candy and paper for the piñata. A friend, who is also a corchetes and super creative and talented business woman, helped me the last week doing some favors and I had some very good friends helping me set up and clean up afterwards. I always say I’m really blessed with such relationships.

Now, the party. My son decided by the end of May he wanted his party paw patrol so there I go to pinterest and start looking for ideas cause seriously guys my brain is burned out from having two kids that nothing really came to my mind. As always pinterest is such a good help and I got many ideas from there. 

I started the piñata in early July and it was actually a project my boy and I did together. If you follow me on Instagram you saw us working. The structure was done since maybe the last week of July but I was missing a color for its decoration which I couldn’t find here so my mom sent it from Mexico. I followed a tutorial that I found in YouTube and I didn’t followed it exactly but it gave me an idea on how to shape it and start decorating.  I decorated it two weeks before the party and it only took 3 hours, my son filled it so that was no work for me. 

Then the favors…  while looking for ideas, guess who was next to me looking at all the nice things themed paw patrol on pinterest and he saw these adorable crocheted puppies so he asked for them. I agreed for several reasons, first, the piñata always has so much candy that I thought a goodie bag with more of it was unnecessary plus the stuff we fill the bags with normally ends up in the bin after a while, and finally cause I had so much yarn scraps that I thought this was a good project to use my stash (and buy more later on). They ended up being a huge success and everyone loved the adoption idea. 

Kids were so happy to take a toy home and I have heard some super cute stories about the kids sleeping with them. I even made some fake puppy chow bags filled with cereal to make it more real. My husband helped printing everything that was needed. 

I started working on the puppies since June and some weeks I managed to make 3 or 4 maybe even 5 and some other weeks none. But at the end I did 38!

The cake was the other thing this bday boy chose and it was challenge for me as it was my first two tier cake I ever made. My friend Amanda gave me some tips to do it cause she is also an amazing cake artist and they were really helpful. They once done I was afraid transporting it to the park but it was OK. It also was delicious. It was carrot  ame on the top and vanilla and chocolate filling with strawberries on the bottom. Also we had chocolate cupcakes for the kids. These I made a night before the party, same as the food. 

Everything else was just maybe as usual: finger food, veggies, fruit, snacks.


The next party I have to plan is my baby girl but planning and working on it will start by January. Follow me on Instagram if you want to see the sneak peeks.

So if you take your time and plan ahead then anything is possible. Trust me. 

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