Circus Elephant crochet blanket

I have been dreaming and working on designing my own graphs and other crochet things like toys or hats for a while now but for some reason or the other I am doing it very slowly and not as efficiently as I would like to. I don’t really mind as I am enjoying the season of my life I’m at right now, but anyways…

I started this blanket back in April or May but I had a newborn baby and limited time and then I was planning the Paw Patrol party and focused all my crochet energy into making the puppies that this blanket was left in a bag lost in my craft room.

Also in April/May I worked on another blanket for a friend’s baby. It took me less time to finish since my mom was here and helped me with the kids plus her baby was due late May and wanted to give it to her before he was born, which I did and she loved it.

The design is based on the Puppy Zoodiac from 1doogwoof. I was looking for a cute puppy graph on Pinterest and found hers the closest to her what I was looking for. I changed the colors to my liking and since I wanted it to be a blanket had to redesign the layout to make it bigger and fit something else on it. I wanted to share with you all the finished graph but wasn’t allowed by the designer which is totally respected. I was probably dreaming too high, and thought she would love to see her design used as an individual graph for a blanket and wouldn’t mind sharing it. So I’m sorry I can’t provide you with the full graph. I will however, share the layout I created with the paws on site. The puppy graph you can find clicking on the link above and just add it to the lower left side of the layout so it turns out like this.

I am thinking now that I will add to my project list to make a puppy of my own design and do this blanket again. I sell or give the blankets I do as I can’t keep them all at my craft room.

Here is the graph without the puppy.

For the border I used the border 65, from the book Every Which way Borders from Edie Eckman which was a bday gift from my husband and kid this year. It consists basically in V stitches and standing V stitches.

Now as for my own pattern this is the graph for the blanket. I’m posting it for sale for a very cheap price that doesn’t even represents all the work put into it but I want it to be accesible for everyone. I will be designing more graphs and some will be free some others will be for sale for 1€ which is less than a dollar, so there, see it as a donation so I can keep up with it.

Here is the link to it: Circus Elephant Graph

This is the final result with the same edge in colors blue and red.

Both blankets were worked with C2C stitch with a 5mm hook.

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