Just sayin’ hello… 

Hi there… I’m on Holidays in my home city right now so that’s why I haven’t blogged anything in the past days/weeks. Coming home I will have several topics to address and I a lot of projects to show you guys. 

Here is my update of what we have been doing with some photos. Events are not exactly in any order of time or importance, just what comes to my mind. 

  • We traveled almost 24 hours to get here and took two planes with a child and a baby and none of them slept much but thankfully are such good travelers and were happy all trip. 

  • Had some special time with my whole family the first weekend for my mom’s birthday

  • Took a very special photo with most of my mom’s side cousins and grandfather 

  • Have been ‘resting’ the first week
  • We have eaten lots of tacos and other very much missed Mexican food, some of which hasn’t tasted as we remembered

  • Seen some very good friends and enjoyed the time together

  • Went shopping for craft supplies
  • Had my dad’s side family Christmas party and had such a great time.

  • Had the best tacos in town at Gallito’s restaurant
  • Went shopping again
  • Used Uber for the first time ever and love the concept and service so far 
  • Had more tacos 
  • Had very little time to crochet 
  • Baby misses her space a lot
  • I miss my bed 
  • Had a breast ultrasound check up. 

  • Baked some cupcakes from a new recipe from a cooking group I’m in. 

  • Watches half a Christmas movie 
  • Decorated a Christmas tree with a lot of creativity and little supplies and turned out amazing. 
  • Digged into my old stuff and took some toys for the kids and some books to take home.
  • Did some more shopping 
  • Did L’s presentation at church. 

  • Walked through proper malls 
  • Taken lots of Christmas tree pictures 
  • Had more tacos. 

These next two weeks we are having now lots of things to do before we head home so I’ll keep you posted mainly on my Instagram so follow me to see all the beautiful Christmas trees I’m seeing. 

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