Chocolate Raspberry Cake 

Do you want to make a delicious cake for a special occasion? I got your back friend.

Today is my husband’s birthday and he loves being spoiled on his special day. He usually asks for a cake with Nutella and strawberries, which I was ready to prepare but for some reason he told me to do any cake I’d like as long as it was a chocolate cake. 

So yesterday my kids and I went shopping for the ingredientes when my son, who was very excited to prepare the birthday surprises for his daddy decided he wanted raspberries on the cake and there I figured I would do a new cake and just see how it turned out. 

Now, it is delicious. It turned out really sweet but the raspberries give a nice touch to balance the flavors. You kind of need a big glass of milk to eat it and those are my favorite kind of chocolate cakes, cause you know I’m more of a cheesecake kind of girl… But here is the recipe. Is super easy.


Your favorite chocolate cake recipe. This time I didn’t make it from scratch, but I used devil’s food cake from Betty Crocker

2 sticks of Butter

3 cups of powdered sugar 

2/3 cup of cocoa powder 

1 spoon of coffee 

1 spoon of vanilla 


Fresh raspberries 

Raspberry jam 



  • Make your batter and separate in 3-8 inch pans. Bake until a toothpick comes clean. Approximately 20 mins each. Set to cool. 
  • Make the icing, put the sticks of butter on the mixer and add the vanilla, then add the cocoa powder slowly and some milk (be careful to add it slowly to achieve a smooth consistency but not to liquid otherwise you won’t be able to spread it properly) 
  • Add the coffee to the mix and then the sugar cup by cup also adding milk by the spoon until the consistency is proper for a buttercream icing. It took me maybe 3 tablespoons of milk but sometimes can take more or less. 
  • Set the first layer of cake on a plate and then on top of it, add some icing with the piping bags around it but leaving the center free to add some Nutella and fresh raspberries. Put the next layer on top and repeat but put some raspberry jam on it, then add the next layer. 
  • Cover the cake with the chocolate buttercream icing. Do some decorations using the star pipe and add some fresh raspberries to the top to decorate. 

Now enjoy! 

My husband liked the cake and that’s all that matters. Happy birthday love, we are blessed to have you with us. 

 Te amamos ❤️

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