Winnie the Pooh CAL

As you know, I love everything Disney and I have great Disney crafts coming your way on special Disney dates.


Today is Winnie the Pooh day and to celebrate it I am hosting a Crochet Along (CAL). I will post 3 different blocks to make a blanket with the cute bear and some other images inspired in this character. The blanket will be made of 9 squares in total made in C2C technique. Each block measures about 40 x 40 cms. You could make more blocks if you want or even less.

The blanket will make a perfect gift for a new baby to come, depending on the size it could be a box blanket, or a crib blanket.

Well, the idea for this crochet along is that I´m gonna post every 2 or 3 days a block so you can have time to do at least 3 blocks of each design. Once we have all 9 blocks we will join them all. I will provide a layout but you can change it of course to your liking. Then we will add a border, so hopefully in around 2 weeks we can have a beautiful Winnie the Pooh inspired baby blanket.

The materials you will need for the first one are:

1 skeins of white

1 skein of golden yellow for Pooh

1 skein of black

1 skein of brown

4.5 mm crochet hook

scissors and needle

The first square is here for you.


Remember to do 3 of this.

See you in a few days to share with you the next block.



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