Winnie The Pooh CAL part 2

How are you doing with your blocks? I am missing just 1 from each of the blocks I will be sharing with you.

Today´s block is a ´hunny´pot. It is as you know, containing Pooh´s favorite food: sweet honey. And you know, I like Winnie Pooh, cause he is my kind of guy when it comes to eating.

¨”It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like ‘What about lunch?'”


Here is the block for today.

For it I used:

1 skein of white yarn

1 skein of purple yarn: The brand I used for this one was Katia Planet in color Violet 3963. This was the first time I used this yarn and I LOOOOOOVED it! It feels so soft and fluffy and there are many color choices which is good when you like making colorful projects.

1 skein of lila yarn: I used Scheepjes Colour Crafter in 1432 Heerlen.

1 skein of black

1 skein of yellow: also used Scheepjes Colour Crafter in 2008 Leuven, fun fact I lived in Leuven in 201,where I retook crochet after more than 10 years without it.

I haven’t decided if writing hunny on it so for the moment I’m leaving it like this. What do you think? Should we do it or not? Leave me a comment to let me know.

If you dont know what I´m talking about here with the blocks and the CAL and the Pooh… well, hurry up and catch up with us by checking this post. I´ll post the last block this friday and next week we will have the instructions to put together the blanket.

Here is the graph for today.


Enjoy crocheting.

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