Sleeping beauty Decoration tutorial

Hi all! I totally forgot I had to post on Friday the last Winnie the Pooh block, but I went out with some friends and then the visit extended for dinner in one of my favorite restaurants in Den Haag (not that I know many, but this one is delicious) and then weekend started and we went out and about and didn’t even remember to blog.

So, today is a special day for us Disney fans. 58 years ago, was the release of one of my favorite childhood Disney princess. The Sleeping Beauty was released for the 1st time in Los Angeles, on January 29, 1959.

To celebrate I made this beautiful Sleeping Beauty frame for my daughter’s bedroom. It is so easy that it took me less than 20 minutes.

You will need:

A frame

A sleeping beauty silhouette taken from a coloring book.

2 scrapbook papers in blue and pink (you know as the dress)

Glue, scissors and paper


Trace the silhouette on one of the papers. I decided to do it on the pink because that was my favorite color from the fairy godmother’s choice. And the background stays in blue.

Then cut the scrapbook paper silhouette, and paste on the other one.

Put into the frame and that’s it.

Now repeat with any other princess you like.

Happy anniversary Sleeping Beauty!

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