How to make a piece of art for your kid’s room.

If you are a DIY MOM and have an artsy kid at home this is then the best piece of art your child can have in his/her room.

You will need a canvas the size you like, acrylic paints, an apron to avoid messing their clothes, a humid cloth to clean their hands once in a while, a brush, and painting tape.

First with the tape, make the shape, letter or number you want to make for the room. We choose the M because with my daughter we used her initial as well which was part of the decoration I used for my baby shower a year ago.

Once it’s done, start by painting one hand only in the softest color you have. We used all the shades of colors from yellow to blue. With one hand we did yellow, orange, red and pink and with the other hand we did brown, green and blue. I was cleaning his hands sometimes if the color was to different for example from brown to green.

Then we pushed the hand with paint against the canvas no more than 3 times and trying to go over the taped area so when removing it you will have a clear shape.

Once you finish let dry completely and then take out the tape.

As you can see my son is very proud of his work and it’s already in display on his room. It brings color and life to his room and we all love it.

Hope you like it too and if you do it please let me know to see it and enjoy your wonderful work.

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