This week is a short holiday week for the schools across the Netherlands. For me it’s the first time I have to follow through and use it to go out with the kids as he is already starting school and these weeks through the school year will become opportunities to have fun and enjoy then together.

I prepared several activities for the oldest kid as the baby just comes along wherever we go and as long as the boob and my arms are there for her she doesn’t complain. 

So for Monday we went to a new exhibit at a local museum of science called Naturalis and it was very cool. The exhibition is about Poison and it has different animals and plants and some are the most poisonous ones in the world. It has different activities and games for the kids and my son enjoyed most of them. It took around 1 hour to do the whole visit and I think we will go next week as well with Daddy cause he has never seen a black widow and they have two there (I hope they are still there). My son took this adventure seriously and packed his camera and was doing his own photos and observations about what we were learning. 

Tuesday,  we planned a Nature scavenger hunt and it was better than I expected. He didn’t loose interest except for maybe half an hour when we went though the petting zoo that is in the park but was very much into it even as we went back home. For this I made a tool where I draw the items we were supposed to find and then I laminated it. I will try to make a pdf out of it and edit this post for you to download it for FREE. I just need a couple of days so I have more time to do this as I’m quite busy with the birthday preparations for my kid’s party next Saturday.

Then we also had a storytelling and modeling with salt dough. It was quite fun to do this. 

The next day we stayed home. I was looking forward to this day cause I planned to take him to the city center to an Italian restaurant and do some pizzas but he insisted he wanted to be home all day long so we did and actually enjoyed our time together. We played some games, completed some stamp albums, read books, watched TV and talked to grandma.

On Thursday we went to one of his favorite museums in the Netherlands which is the spoorwegmuseum in  Utrecht. They had a Chugginton exhibition and the museum was arranged in a different way that it normally is and it kind of looked like a town fair. They had food stands, face painting, play areas, a musical, ice cream cars and the usual normal stuff. We have been there before by train and then walking and we have been by car. This time we went by train all the way to the museum which is the easiest way to do it. You take a train to the Central Station in Utrecht and then from there, there is a special train to the museum that goes every hour. It is easy and very convenient if you have a museumkaart to enter all museums in Holland for free year round.

And today, the last day of this holiday week we close with the kid’s birthday. We are letting him chose what to do today but he received so many nice presents from family that he wants to stay and play with them. I’m blessed to be his mother and I have enjoyed every single day with him. He is a wonderful boy, with a big heart. He is more and better than I could have ever asked or imagine and I thank God for him every day. I pray I can be the mom he needs me to be for him to be the man God has intended and he will be able to fulfill His purpose. I love you my love.

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