Winnie the Pooh CAL part 3

Hi all! Sorry again I completely forgot about posting this part last Friday and yesterday I interrupted myself by the Sleeping Beauty post but here it is.

Today is a bee. As simple as that. It is the one who makes the honey, Pooh so much likes and it makes the set look adorable. On my next post I will share with you the layout I have planned out to join together and add a border.

To this block I will still add a line around the wings of the bee but I will show you the last details at the end. Right now lets focus on having all 9 squares done. I like adding the details at the end before joining cause it goes faster for me. The wings come in a cream color. The materials are listed below.

2 skeins of white

1 skein of black

1 skein of yellow

1 skein of cream

I have no more to say so here is the graph and the example block.


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